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"Kauffman wraps paint-covered yarn around a particular part  of the model's body and then has the model engage in various movements, so that the yarn, in synchrony with the body, traces lines and shapes on the respective body part. The resulting images have multiple associations, transcending the body..."

Ursula Ehrhardt, art critic, Maryland

"Kauffman probes the body's dynamics, bringing muscular substructures to light in surface patterns created by paint-drenched string. Kauffman compares the skin's surface on cropped  forms, before and after patterning occurs. Muscular empowerment and autonomy are established as the body, in essence, paints itself. There is no passivity in evidence; a new rigorous definition of femininity is forged as the beauty of form merges with its function."

Mary Hrbacek, art critic, New York



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"Toes 4", 30"x96", archival ink jet print

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