Parallel Fields Traveling

PARALLEL FIELDS, traveling exhibit 2019, 2020
Muscle Movement series of photographs

2019 August 15 – October 20
Kaethe Kauffman – PARALLEL FIELDS exhibit

Including works by Kathleen Elliot and Bobbie Moline-Kramer
Texas A & M University Galleries
J. Wayne Stark Galleries
275 Joe Route Blvd.
College Station, TX 77840

In PARALLEL FIELDS, three woman artists push to the edge of intimate bodily realities. Moline-Kramer deconstructs the human face into its emotional fundamentals, revealing disturbing depths, similar to the deceased British artist Francis Bacon. Elliot reveals our molecular relationship to the modified foods that go into our bodies and become our (modified?) flesh. Kauffman applies wet paint on the moving parts of the body, has the model move, and records her range of motion in the resulting image. Motion’s effect becomes invisible on the model’s skin and Kauffman allows the viewer to see this new and amazing reality of our relationship to our own bodies.

From Kaethe Kauffman: “What the heck are these?” you might well ask. I put wet paint on each joint, then ask the model to move the area in every direction. Voila! We see a picture of her range of motion. All of us, as we move around each day, are creating beautiful (to me) images, that remain invisible. In this series, I make our range of motion visible.

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