November 09 - January 03
Kaethe Kauffman has a new solo exhibit of ink drawings at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York.  More Info

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Artist Kaethe Kauffman’s ink drawings use layers of organic lines to build up energetic darks and lights, denoting texture and density. Her subject is nature, in both the outside world  – water, landscapes, animals, and trees – and within an individual’s interior, as seen in meditation.


In Kauffman’s world, layers of intensity create what we see and what we experience. Flickering water, hills and glades, animals and trees contain concentrated energies that Kauffman depicts with overlapping fluid ink lines. Her meditating figures contain a similar turmoil that expresses our mental conflicts that become revealed when we observe our minds.


"Forces of unity and peace fill the cosmology of her figures; her use of Buddhist tropes conjoin inner and outer lives. This duality of mind and spirit, the positive and the negative, the abstract and the concrete, is a leitmotif of her work depicting the inner self and its doppelganger."
-Phil Tarley, Fabrik

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