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Buddhist paintings, drawings, and prints that will calm and inspire you.

Artist Kaethe Kauffman, a practicing Buddhist, creates spiritual paintings, drawings, and prints that reflect her personal experiences of meditation.


Relax with Kauffman's meditative artwork that depicts a variety of alpha states obtained in meditating, running, and deep observation of the landscape, always soothing your spirit and elevating your mood.


"Forces of unity and peace fill the cosmology of her figures; her use of Buddhist tropes conjoin inner and outer lives. This duality of mind and spirit, the positive and the negative, the abstract and the concrete, is a leitmotif of her work depicting the inner self and its doppelganger." -Phil Tarley, Fabrik

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Clouds Low

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A Unity of Three

Kaethe Kauffman, Meditators 3-Orange & Red, 42″x56″, ink, 2023

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Squid Kiss

Kaethe Kauffman, Squid Kiss, Ink, 2022, 33″x18″

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Inquiries, Bookings, Purchases & Social

For inquiries, to make a booking or to make a purchase, contact Kauffman's gallery: Cross Contemporary Partners, Jen Dragon, gallerist.

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