Events and Exhibitions

2024 April 19-June 23
La Foresta

Castello Gallery 780
Fondamenta San Guiseppe
Sestiere Castello, 925
Venice, Italy

Kaethe Kauffman’s one-person exhibit, La Foresta, is at Castello Gallery 780 in Venice, Italy, April 19 to June 23, 2024. Castello Gallery is affiliated with the Venice Biennale art fair. View the catalogue for the exhibition below – and check out Kaethe’s meditation, entitled La Foresta, for more.

Events Prior

2024 February 14-18
Art Wynwood 2024

Walter Wickiser Gallery, Booth 6
The Art Wynwood Pavilion
One Herald Plaza @ NE 14TH Street On Biscayne Bay
Miami, Florida

February 14th-18th Kaethe Kauffman’s ink drawings of trees will be featured in the large art fair, Art Wynwood at One Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida. Kauffman draws trees because, as she says:

“When I was young, trees provided protection and nurturing. When I climbed them, they sheltered me from large neighborhood teenagers. I felt safe with a book, aloft in the branches, grabbing and eating tangy cherries, tart apples or sweet plums. In this series of drawings, I honor trees, from the various climates I’ve lived in, that’ve personally aided me in my past. From tiny sizes to the gigantic, these helpful beings spread their benefits far and wide to help all of us.”

The Walter Wickiser art gallery in New York City is sponsoring the booth at Art Wynwood that is exhibiting Kauffman’s drawings. See more of Kauffman’s work at

VIP Preview
Wednesday, February 14
Access for Art Wynwood VIP Passholders and Press
Platinum VIP Preview | 4:30pm – 6pm
VIP Preview | 6pm – 10pm

Public Hours
Thursday, February 15 | 11am – 7pm
Friday, Feb 16 | 11am – 7pm
Saturday, Feb 17 | 11am – 7pm
Sunday, Feb 18 | 11am – 5pm

Exhibiting: Blue Tree and more.

Photo: See Kaethe Kauffman's art in Miami at Art Wynwood 2024. Click here for more info.

2023 November 09-2024 January 03
Trees Glorious Trees

Walter Wickiser Gallery
Virtual Art Exhibition

Kaethe Kauffman has a new solo exhibit of ink drawings at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York. The exhibit includes 25 new drawings and is called: Trees Glorious Trees. The show runs from November 9, 2023 to January 3, 2024. Virtual Art Exhibition

Exhibiting: The Mother Tree, The Meeting Tree, and more.

2023 June 21-September 23
Gallery Artists Part XX

Walter Wickiser Gallery
Virtual Art Exhibition

A group exhibit at the Walter Wickiser Gallery, Gallery Artists Part XX, celebrating twenty years of exhibition in his New York gallery. The exhibit opens June 21st. See it online at the Walter Wickiser website until September 23rd: The exhibit is online only.

Exhibiting: Buddha in a Stream at Sunset, and more.

2023 July 27-30
Seattle Art Fair
Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York section
Lumen Field Event Center
800 Occidental Avenue S
Seattle, Washington

Kaethe Kauffman’s 2022 pieces, The Rain Tree and Planted will be on exhibit at the Seattle Art Fair, from July 27-30th in the Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York section. Read more about the inspirations behind these pieces on Kaethe’s blogs, The Rain Tree and Planted.

Exhibiting: The Rain Tree and Planted.

K. Kauffman, The Rain Tree,
Ink on paper, 32″x22″, 2022

2023 February 8 -May 1
Altar Meditations
Walter Wickiser Gallery
New York, New York

View the virtual exhibition:
Read all about Kaethe’s process on this work on the blog: Altar Meditations.

Exhibiting: Various pieces.


2022 July 15-November 13 – Open reception: July 16 from 5-7:30 p.m.
Kaethe Kauffman – Yoga: Interiore e Eterno (Yoga: Interior & Eternal)
Castello Gallery 925 Galleria
Fondamenta San Guiseppe
Sestiere Castello, 925
Venice 30122, Italy

A long-time practitioner of yoga and body movement, Kaethe Kauffman has been the subject of solo exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad. exhibition Yoga: Interiore Eterno is an installation of prints on silk that documents both physical movement and meditative stasis. Using a string dipped in paint, the artist ties the filament around a hand, knee, elbow, or torso, and when the body part is flexed, the movement is recorded as a kind of off-printing. In Kauffman’s art, the body writes itself upon its own skin in a ritual of self-revelation. This act of marking and exposure is documented by Kauffman’s photographic images, which are digitally repeated and colored, drawn upon by hand in a variety of media and the vibrant results are printed on silk much like the large banners found in Buddhist temples. In an expansion of the body’s own “speech” through movement, Kaethe Kauffman’s images combine into larger fields of replication and mirroring, until the individual body is subsumed into a larger vision. 

Exhibiting: Variations of pieces from Muscle Movement Collage series, printed on silk.

2022 May 14-June 22
Kaethe Kauffman: Land & Water Meditations
Walter Wickiser Gallery
New York, New York

See the whole exhibit at the following links:
Virtual Exhibition: 

Exhibiting: Pieces from Landscapes.

2021 August 30 – 2022 March 31
Kaethe Kauffman: Recent Work

Virtual Art Exhibition

Kaethe Kauffman: Recent Work is an online solo exhibit, August 30 – March 31, 2022 curated by Cross Contemporary Partners Gallery in New York. The exhibit includes thirty-four pieces, many of them large, up to eight feet long and several feet wide. The theme is meditation, from life-size meditating figures to close-up muscle studies of yoga poses. Art critic John Mendelsohn states:

In Kaethe Kauffman’s work, the body makes itself known in often unfamiliar ways, but it speaks clearly of its capacity for being marked by experience and its power of expressivity in movement. The paradox at the heart of Kauffman’s art is that it starts with the corporeal and works through it toward transcendence and a letting go of the self.

Exhibiting: Various pieces from the Muscle Movement series and other Meditations.

Knee Trees, performance, ink, photographs, 90″x37″, 2021

2020 November 11 – 2021 December 31
Making the Invisible Visible

Virtual Art Exhibition

Kaethe Kauffman is featured in Making the Invisible Visible, a spectacular virtual exhibition showcasing mixed media pieces that depict people in meditative states; they dwell where the physical and the spiritual meet. As in much religious art, the creative process itself strengthens the artist’s private contemplative practice. Read more about the process and pieces on the blog. View the exhibit online here.

Exhibiting: Various pieces from the Muscle Movement series and other Meditations.

Meditation Oblique Red is a close-up view of the meditating figure that shows conflicting forces that co-exist within a successful meditation session. The dark and light contrasts depict the basic duality of mind and body. Read more about the process and pieces on the blog. VIEW THE EXHIBIT

2021 May 8 – 2021 June 5
SMALL STANDING TALL: Small Works by Big Artists
Joyce Goldstein Gallery
19 Central Square
Chatham, New York

Kaethe Kauffman exhibits 3 works in the much anticipated SMALL STANDING TALL: Small Works by Big Artists in Chatham, NY beginning May 8th through June 5th at the Joyce Goldstein Gallery. Gallery hours are Thursday – Sunday, 1pm – 4pm. (518) 392-2250

Exhibiting: Toes 6 with Bamboo, Neck 8 Brown Green, and Palms Black 4 – all mixed media collages depicting her Range of Motion Muscle Studies – wet paint shows images of what movement looks like at each joint on the body.

2020 October 15 – 2020 December 31
Museum Program Virtual Group Exhibition

Virtual Art Exhibition

Kaethe is exhibiting in the Museum Program Virtual Group Exhibition, an online event showcasing 24 established artists have had one-person exhibitions in museums throughout the country and have come together for the first time in a Virtual Gallery Exhibition. Visit the exhibit online here.

Exhibiting: Various pieces from the Muscle Movement series.

Red Neck, 28″x 14″, photography, photo-oil paint. This shows a visual image of the range of motion of the neck. The model moved her head in every possible direction after wet paint had been applied via a string dipped in white paint tied loosely around the neck.

2020 October & November
Humor in Contemporary Art

Honolulu Museum of Art
Honolulu, HI

Bringing needed levity to 2020, Kaethe Kauffman is giving a lecture series at the Honolulu Museum of Art on Humor in Contemporary Art in October and November. Per Kaethe, “It’s been a hoot preparing for those!” This series is not open to the public, it’s in-house only this time.

A collage made out of office supplies and oil paint: Happy Face Office.
Read Kaethe’s essay entitled “Foraging” for more on this piece.

2020 July 1 – August 31
Cross Contemporary Partners Inaugural Exhibition Part I
Virtual Art Exhibition

Kaethe is exhibiting in the Cross Contemporary Partners Inaugural Exhibition Part I, an online event showcasing eleven revered artists, including: Anne Hieronymus, Sol Hill, Kaethe Kauffman, Victoria Lowe, Francie Lyshak, Nancy Macko, Robert Mango, Deborah Masters, Bobbie Moline-Kramer, John Lyon Paul and Martin Weinstein, who have all exhibited in museums throughout the United States for decades.

Exhibiting: Clown Meditation, Muscle Movement: Black Waist Totem and Muscle Movement: Wrist 29 & 89 Music

Clown Meditation by Kaethe Kauffman

2020 April & May
National League of American Pen Women Biennial
Washington DC

Kaethe Kauffman has won top honors (second place) in a national juried art competition in Washington DC, the Vinnie Reams Art Competition. She’ll be honored at the National League of American Pen Women Biennial in Washington DC, where her drawing will be exhibited in April and May of 2020. See the photo below of the drawing, As a Child I Loved to Dance,

As a Child I Loved to Dance, ink and pencil drawing, 24″x30″, by Kaethe Kauffman.

2020 February 15 – 2020 April 12
Meditation Modalities: Close-up Studies
Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts
501 Broad Street
Gadsden, Alabama 35901

“Using close-up photographs, Kauffman studies women’s bodies. In a series of muscle studies, she examines range of motion in the moving female figure, comparing skin textures – the smoothness of youth to the rich texture of old age – and skin colors – from pale white to deep black – in all their differing muscular abilities.” –Irina Costache,Ph.d., Catalogue essay, p. 2, Kaethe Kauffman: Honoring Women, published by AVU Gallery, The University of Prague, The Czech Republic

Exhibiting: Muscle Movement series.

2019 August 15 – 2019 October 20
Kaethe KauffmanPARALLEL FIELDS exhibit
Including works by Kathleen Elliot and Bobbie Moline-Kramer
Texas A & M University Galleries
J. Wayne Stark Galleries
275 Joe Route Blvd.
College Station, TX 77840

In PARALLEL FIELDS, three woman artists push to the edge of intimate bodily realities. Moline-Kramer deconstructs the human face into its emotional fundamentals, revealing disturbing depths, similar to the deceased British artist Francis Bacon. Elliot reveals our molecular relationship to the modified foods that go into our bodies and become our (modified?) flesh. Kauffman applies wet paint on the moving parts of the body, has the model move, and records her range of motion in the resulting image. Motion’s effect becomes invisible on the model’s skin and Kauffman allows the viewer to see this new and amazing reality of our relationship to our own bodies. 

Exhibiting: Various pieces from the Muscle Movement series.
See also: Review: Art Exhibition Investigates Impacts of the Invisible – The Battalion

Knee Script

2019 June 2 – 2019 July 14th
Biennial Art Exhibit
Sponsored by National League of American Pen Women
Honolulu Country Club

Exhibiting: Pieces from Lizard Head and Backbend Dancer and Nature Meditation.

June 6 – July 1, 2018
Parallel Fields: 3 Artists at Manhattan’s Lichtundfire Gallery

175 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

Exhibiting: Various pieces from the Muscle Movement series.
See Parallel Fields New York for a video tour, reviews and artist commentary. Additional reviews are accessible at Dramatic Constructs on the blog.

Thumbs Blue and White

2017 January 18 – 2017 March 20
Seeing Double

The Loft at Liz’s Gallery
210 Eleventh Avenue, Suite 303
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 939-4403

“Religious art glorifies the sacred experience. My imprint is personal and through my process, it is my inner world which is revealed for all to see.” -Kaethe Kauffman

Exhibiting: Various pieces.
See also: Kaethe Kauffman and Nolan Preece: Mixed Media Experimental Photography

Runner Wired Meditation

2016 May 26 – 2016 June 21
Currents in Photography

Walter Wickiser Gallery
210 Eleventh Avenue Suite 303
NY, NY 10001

Five Person Group Exhibition of Photographic Mixed Media at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York.

Exhibiting: Various pieces.
See also: Currents In Photography at Walter Wickiser Gallery – Huffington Post and Currents in Photography Five Person Group Exhibition of Photographic Mixed Media at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York.

Meditation Oblique Red