Nature’s Poetry

Nature can astound me with perfect scenes that deeply move my artist’s soul. These aesthetic occurrences are so powerful, I think of them as visual poetry. At their best, poems offer special and intense experiences of feelings and ideas that incorporate distinctive styles and rhythms. On a walk, I discover that a rain storm left …

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Walking Meditation

I walk across the street, a busy city corridor where buses park and construction cranes loom.A white plastic bag is tied to a tree like a large Christmas ornament, bulging into spiky shapes Defined, I suppose, by empty food take-out boxes inside.If it was Christmas morning, this large oddly shaped package would be The source …

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Scapula Fly

The Template Scapula fly. I know this because I dipped a string in black paint, then I carefully tied it around my nude chest and back. Slowly, I moved one shoulder up as high as it would go. Deliberately, I lowered it far down. I did the same with the other side.I arched my shoulders …

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