Kaethe Kauffman

Finger Meditation

If I’d been wrestling with an issue during the day, when I sat down to meditate, it seemed like many pointing fingers in my mind demanded to know How?, Why? and Who’s to blame? Emotional chaos took over, destroying peace. That’s why I painted the life-sized shape of a meditator on thick paper, made from …

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Walking Meditation

I walk across the street, a busy city corridor where buses park and construction cranes loom.A white plastic bag is tied to a tree like a large Christmas ornament, bulging into spiky shapes Defined, I suppose, by empty food take-out boxes inside.If it was Christmas morning, this large oddly shaped package would be The source …

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Scapula Fly

The Template Scapula fly. I know this because I dipped a string in black paint, then I carefully tied it around my nude chest and back. Slowly, I moved one shoulder up as high as it would go. Deliberately, I lowered it far down. I did the same with the other side.I arched my shoulders …

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Line Kindness

When I walk into a store and see long lines, my Inner Grump says, “Grrrr…” and begins her favorite rant. Are stores in the business of selling? If so, why can’t they transact a sale efficiently, rather than torture me with lines? I imagine evil bureaucratic nihilists in charge of store computers loading algorithms to …

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My Stag

The stag and I communed for what seemed like an endless time. I thanked him for sharing his trail with me and praised his beauty again and again. I told him I would leave him gifts of salt, which I knew deer needed. But far more than mental words, our communication consisted of a surge …

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Nature Meditation

Leonardo Da Vinci taught his students to gaze at random abstract designs in clouds or textured mud walls. “Draw what you see,” he instructed them. I often take his advice. It’s easy to discover delightful sky-dragons or cloud castles in the air. Staring in a meditative state makes boundaries dissolve and re-form; my vision changes. …

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Dramatic Constructs

New Critiques of Kaethe’s Recent NY Exhibition Kathleen Cullen submitted this review of Kaethe’s NY Exhibit on June 29, 2018. View the article “Dramatic Constructs” online at Culture Catch here. From White Hot Magazine: https://whitehotmagazine.com/ articles/moline-kramer-at- lichtundfire-gallery/3985 From Artes Magazine:http://www.artesmagazine.com/?p=22535