Kaethe Kauffman

My Inner Caricature

Some old friends, Gladys and Kevin, who lived five hundred miles away, offered to drive six of my over-sized art pieces across the state at the close of a recent exhibit. Intrepid travelers, they routinely manipulated an unwieldy Recreational Vehicle, the kind I hated being stuck behind on the road, all around North American highways,

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Peering Through Time

At the ancient city of Ephesus on the Aegean Sea, in the years before Christ, the Romans built large condos from carved red sandstone and red bricks. In 2019, our guide led us up stairways to see the different floors, many decorated with intricate and stunning mosaics. We could distinguish upper class Romans, who enjoyed

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Eagle Slayer

My sister, Nan, killed an eagle in Canada. Distraught, she choked out the words, describing her crime to me. Having worked for the Department of Ecology in Washington State, she assumed she’d go to jail. Although her close encounter with the eagle had been an accident, she knew these giant birds were sacred to the

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Review: Art Exhibition Investigates Impacts of the Invisible – The Battalion

A new review of Kaethe’s current exhibition, Parallel Fields, entitled Art Exhibition Investigates Impacts of the Invisible by the talented Meagan Sheffield of The Battalion, the Texas A&M University newspaper, is out. From the review: Kauffman has exhibited her work in New York, California, Washington, D.C., Australia and Prague. She said she enjoys showing her

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Augusta Treverorum

As our train slid into the western German city of Trier, large banners festooned the  station, Augusta Treverorum. My son went nuts. With glistening dark eyes, curly hair and a broad smile, Jon, in his middle twenties, loudly blurted, “Mom, it’s Augusta Treverorum,” as if I knew what that meant. “We’re here on the spot.

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Birds of a Feather

Browsing in Native Alaskan trading posts and chatting with folks, I was surprised to learn that eagles and ravens were called “lovebirds” by the Tlingit Native Americans. Many carvings and paintings depicted them together, as in this photo of a moose antler totem pole: the eagle above with spread wings perched on top of the

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Finger Meditation

If I’d been wrestling with an issue during the day, when I sat down to meditate, it seemed like many pointing fingers in my mind demanded to know How?, Why? and Who’s to blame? Emotional chaos took over, destroying peace. That’s why I painted the life-sized shape of a meditator on thick paper, made from

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Walking Meditation

I walk across the street, a busy city corridor where buses park and construction cranes loom.A white plastic bag is tied to a tree like a large Christmas ornament, bulging into spiky shapes Defined, I suppose, by empty food take-out boxes inside.If it was Christmas morning, this large oddly shaped package would be The source

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