In my studio, while working on my ink drawings series, Land and Water Meditations, I spontaneously drew a large tree that I titled Planted. With hundreds of ink lines, I created the vitality and energy of thousands of leaves in this enormous tree that extended to the top and side borders of the picture. The […]

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Buddha in a Stream at Sunset

The other day, I spontaneously drew a meditating figure sitting in a stream. Looking at it later, I wondered why I’d placed a contemplating person in the water. Suddenly, it made sense to me because Buddha-consciousness constantly adjusted to the ever-changing flow of life. No matter what circumstances might drift along and engulf a person,

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Pattern/Map Meditation

In my ink drawings about meditation, I attempt to depict what I feel when I meditate. In Pattern/Map Meditation, I illustrate both my inner and outer realities. The lighter ochre and lavender ink swirls in the outermost areas depict the gentle dynamics I perceive in my larger environment, vibrant with a hint of order in

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The Rain Tree

I grew up in Seattle with omnipresent rain and abundant trees.  In early spring, pink blossoms covered fruit trees.  The east side of my family’s one-acre plot featured a cherry orchard, with a few plum, pear and apple trees growing wild in the back. Blossoms heralded the advent of caterpillar season. We used no pesticides,

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Teepee Meditation

In my current virtual exhibition on ink drawings with the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York which closes May 1st, Teepee Meditation illustrates several essential aspects of meditation that are most important to me. A triangular teepee-like shape surrounds the central meditating figure, portraying the feeling I have in deep meditation of being closely held

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Scenes that depict compositional lines that intersect on the diagonal thrill people. My acrylic and oil painting, Spring 4, consists of four quadrants, evidenced in the horizontal and vertical lines that meet in the middle of the piece. Balancing the strong symmetry, each section contains diagonal lines that cross each other. In the lower right,

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Art and Whimsy

As winter rages with ice storms, blizzards and widespread power outages, let’s allow art to lift our spirits. An artist friend, Kathy Tosh from Hawaii, recently sent me a photo of her new weaving in the Viewpoints Gallery in Maui. Above a seascape, five puffy clouds float. These clouds captivate me and bring a huge

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Altar Meditations

I love to draw and paint the hallowed energies that surround me during meditation. After a meditating, I go to my studio to draw. I create geometric shapes in the area around the figure: these appear to me as if they represent an unconventional altar. As I continue to draw these sacred spaces, I often

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I practice meditation. It’s soothing and allows me to observe ideas in my mind that I may not have noticed before. I love to draw and paint people in meditation: in yoga postures or in the classical seated, cross-legged pose. Creating this art is, in itself, a meditative process as I draw, paint and contemplate

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Dream Time in the Gallery

Dream Time in the Gallery was a single event: a night-time sharing of group sleep energy surrounded by spiritual art. Around a dozen art lovers from Italy and America assembled at my exhibition, Yoga: Interior and Eternal at Castello 925 gallery in Venice, Italy (affiliated with the Venice Biennale 2022). The exhibition featured floor-to-ceiling art,

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