The Mother Tree

The top half of the drawing, The Mother Tree, depicts an expansive tree that spreads beyond the picture plane. Autumn colors bless her leaves. When I contemplate this drawing, I can see several possible interpretations of the drawing’s meaning.  The large tree appears steadfast. In the lower half of the drawing, four small trees blow […]

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Desert Mirage

In Desert Mirage, two shapes are positioned near each other. I create a highly textured surface with many tiny ink lines to maximize a sense of energy in the shimmering air around them, similar to the visual movement inherent in a mirage in an arid land. The top form seems stationary, while the object below

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Buddha in a Stream at Sunset

The other day, I spontaneously drew a meditating figure sitting in a stream. Looking at it later, I wondered why I’d placed a contemplating person in the water. Suddenly, it made sense to me because Buddha-consciousness constantly adjusted to the ever-changing flow of life. No matter what circumstances might drift along and engulf a person,

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Dream Time in the Gallery

Dream Time in the Gallery was a single event: a night-time sharing of group sleep energy surrounded by spiritual art. Around a dozen art lovers from Italy and America assembled at my exhibition, Yoga: Interior and Eternal at Castello 925 gallery in Venice, Italy (affiliated with the Venice Biennale 2022). The exhibition featured floor-to-ceiling art,

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Healing Dance

A few years ago, I sat in a photo booth and, just for fun, turned my back to the camera. I wore pigtails and pulled each one hard, to emphasize the part down the middle of my skull. The resulting photograph showed a head divided. When I looked at the photos, I realized that I’d

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Headscarf Rollercoaster

In the 1950s and 1960s, the best way to preserve a bouffant hairdo outdoors was to loosely tie a large headscarf around the head and secure it under the chin. This common practice seemed ordinary and timeless to a growing girl like me. In rainy Seattle, scarves provided the go-to protection from rain for females

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Striding – a Sketch

Boldly striding, leading with the right leg and a protruding belly, my sketched figure seems muscular and strong, forging ahead. However, at the same time, her right arm covers her chest as if protecting the heart, while her head swivels to peer over the left shoulder; these gestures contradict the advancing thrust. While observing a

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Unsuspected Success

As a teenager I took on certain life-long goals, assuming I would succeed: I vowed to create a close and meaningful relationship with my mother and older sisters I committed to having a loving, intimate partnership with the man I loved, for the rest of my life I aspired to become a well-known artist. I

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Nature’s Poetry

Nature can astound me with perfect scenes that deeply move my artist’s soul. These aesthetic occurrences are so powerful, I think of them as visual poetry. At their best, poems offer special and intense experiences of feelings and ideas that incorporate distinctive styles and rhythms. On a walk, I discover that a rain storm left

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Singing With One Breast

Above: Singing With One Breast, Acrylic, Oil, Collage, Pencil, Ink, 45”x43”, 2014 Singing With One Breast displays the contrast between inner and outer realities that arise when I meditate. Most of the figure consists of the Expressionism style, wild colors and textures that connote the intense feelings going on inside me, especially when I contemplate

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