Depth – or Not

I love to draw with ink, any kind, from ordinary ballpoint pens to soft paintbrushes that I dip in rainbow colors. When I start, I use black or blue ink, making free-form energetic scribbles. As I stare at the abstract field of looping lines, I envision a design. To emphasize this image, I cut away […]

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X Buddhas

In X Buddhas, I combined ink drawing with collage. I superimposed a photograph of a black Buddha statue in front of the larger white seated shape. I placed these two on top of a background of tiny hand-drawn ink lines. The ink backdrop was darker and denser at the top and lighter at the bottom,

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Clouds Low

Clouds Low is an ink drawing that depicts people meditating in nature. The left figure sits among boulders. She consists of multiple layers: the white outline, an off-white area inside the outline and an inner space with tightly drawn ink lines. When I meditate, I feel an outer level, symbolized by the outline, that is

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A Unity of Three

When I meditate, I feel as though I drift through various mental levels. Closest to ordinary experience, I observe thoughts that arise and fall away. When I’m more relaxed, I perceive colors moving in interior space and I delight in watching them with my inner eye. In a deeper calm, I feel a tingly electric

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Desert Mirage

In Desert Mirage, two shapes are positioned near each other. I create a highly textured surface with many tiny ink lines to maximize a sense of energy in the shimmering air around them, similar to the visual movement inherent in a mirage in an arid land. The top form seems stationary, while the object below

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Pattern/Map Meditation

In my ink drawings about meditation, I attempt to depict what I feel when I meditate. In Pattern/Map Meditation, I illustrate both my inner and outer realities. The lighter ochre and lavender ink swirls in the outermost areas depict the gentle dynamics I perceive in my larger environment, vibrant with a hint of order in

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Scenes that depict compositional lines that intersect on the diagonal thrill people. My acrylic and oil painting, Spring 4, consists of four quadrants, evidenced in the horizontal and vertical lines that meet in the middle of the piece. Balancing the strong symmetry, each section contains diagonal lines that cross each other. In the lower right,

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Altar Meditations

I love to draw and paint the hallowed energies that surround me during meditation. After a meditating, I go to my studio to draw. I create geometric shapes in the area around the figure: these appear to me as if they represent an unconventional altar. As I continue to draw these sacred spaces, I often

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I practice meditation. It’s soothing and allows me to observe ideas in my mind that I may not have noticed before. I love to draw and paint people in meditation: in yoga postures or in the classical seated, cross-legged pose. Creating this art is, in itself, a meditative process as I draw, paint and contemplate

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Homage to Mystery

I love to ponder mysteries. When I hike in the desert, I often feel strong energy fields. These dynamic waves hover above landscape shapes such as alluvial fans (dried earth that crumbled off of mountains in the past), rocky promontories or arroyos (stream beds that may or may not contain moisture). Perceiving these energies enhances

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