Beetle Condos

My friend, Maile, asked me to help her hunt for a new condo. Although I currently lived in a house, I had lived in apartments for over twenty years and maintained an interest in Maile’s quest. I was amazed at the wide variety of grids people scurry in and out of each day. The art …

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A Smidgeon

Grandiose and ambitious best described my parents. Raised in a tiny rural town in Washington State, my father became a Secret Service agent who accompanied Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, and vice-president Nixon all over the world. “Can’t trust Nixon at poker,” Dad always said, many years before Watergate.  Dad guarded Truman at the Potsdam peace …

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Making the Invisible Visible: In Meditation

2020 November 11 – 2021 December 31Making the Invisible VisibleVirtual Exhibition Kauffman creates mixed media pieces that depict people in meditative states; they dwell where the physical and the spiritual meet. As in much religious art, the creative process itself strengthens the artist’s private contemplative practice. View the exhibit online here. Kauffman begins by making …

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